Saturday, September 29, 2012

This is really what the shit.

I had enough of all these. Being banded with the bottom 20% for most of the subjects, night study almost every prelim, at home crazy people just don't understand and don't give me any chance. You want me to get good results, but complain to me almost every time I get my tuition fee from you. Just ONE tuition and you complain. You think I want to take up tuition for another subject?! Forget it la, do badly then do badly, I will not ask for tuition again.

People are getting good progress award certificates on Graduation Day, what's the point of you going when I did so badly?! And it's the both of you. I told you don't go means don't go, can you fking listen to me for once. You are making me stress and feel so helpless man.

I hate you seriously.

Sunday, September 09, 2012


Most of the time I will be typing in my phone, then upload when I am free because if I type in my browser it'll take forever.


Finally!! Mom is confirming the dates which she will be taking her leave so we can attend cousin's wedding! Yay! After 3 years we are going back! Last time it was 7 years. One of my older cousin asked me this which was quite sad: 7年才回来一次,下次见面要等7年啊.. So sad. T.T 这次不用7年了!

It's hard for us to go back every year. Unlike my mom's friends, they go back every year without fail. Dad is forever busy with his students and his holiday intensive lessons. Mom's company always have those year end sales, Christmas sales etc that need people to help out. Sigh. We go back also nothing to do, because the cousins will busy with their jobs, studies. Our holiday time = the beginning of their new term. = = So we won't see one another...

Yay! So we are going back this Dec! I'm worried about the clothing.. I don't wanna wear what I wore 3 years ago. Because it was a short visit and we were all in a hurry, I did not bring enough shirts, and was wearing my aunt's coat.  And I wore the retarded fat jeans!! Arghhhh!! Horrible..

I'm really saving up to get some appropriate winter clothes ummm from Esprit or Topshop? At least one nice coat for the wedding? I don't care I'm buying one.

Right now, the most important thing is O levels. I'm studying hard! Must go back, enjoy, and have fun. Let's not have regret after O's for not studying enough. Jia you jia you!

All the way! Go Rong! ¦D

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Saturday, September 01, 2012

He's very handsome right OMG. But he's quite old already. 29 I think. :( So you no chance liao. HAHA. No, is MEEE I don't have chance liao. Sigh.

Okay I haven't been blogging for so long I forgot when I last blogged because yea you know, we sec 4s are getting real busy with prelim. I don't know why but I always feel the stress only when it is one or two days before the real thing, if not I just relax.. NO THIS WON'T DO. Like English oral, I actually felt nervous when my name was called by the teacher to get ready for the 10 min preparation. I'm a bit lag. o.O

(Why am I posting pretty pictures?) Someone is treating me Starbucks if I do well for Prelim III. I believe he said it because he is super confident I can't do it. :\ Yea duh, 5A2s. I can't even get 5B4s now. 10 more days to the first paper. Rong jia you jia you!! 

Did some house work today. Yipppppeeee. Feel energetic cus I drank 2 cups of coffee today. One for breakfast (and it's super bitter cus my mom loves the 50% less sugar one, she's crazy) and one Mocha Frappe. Hehehe frappe again. FRAPPE FOR THE WIN! ^^ 

Well last night they quarrelled again. He's not happy about her talking about his bad points in front of the kids. Bro went back into his room immediately when he sensed the tense atmosphere, leaving me in the living room with them. I was watching my favourite show when it all started. I knew I should not hide, my aunt called last month telling me to stay with them when this kind of thing happen, so I did.

One was pushing the blame to an outsider, the other one was taking all the blame to himself. Sigh. The things they were scolding each other were totally NO LINK. They were scolding different things, not scolding each other. They just kept arguing over different things..... In the end, he came to a conclusion that everything will end next week.

Oh my god....

WHAT END?! What the hell are you two thinking about?! WTF. You two fight, quarrel, scold, happily end it yourselves, and leave all the shit to us kids? Do you care how we feel? Not the outsider's fault! It's both of you's fault! 

Yea so I ate with her tonight. I gave all the advice I could give, trying to sort everything out as someone who's not involved in this. I tried to make assumptions about what could have really happened, and what might not have happened and it was her own thoughts. I hope she's not gonna tell me "choose who you're gonna live with" again because I hate that. I HATE TO HEAR THAT.

I am glad she's happier now. And she promised to apologise later. She told me that if they quarrel again, I should go back to my room and don't bother. No, I will not do that. I want to prove that I'm old enough to solve this for them. There must be someone there to tell them to SHUT UP before they become more angry and more hurtful words come out. When you're angry, you tend to say more hurtful words and purposely wanna make your opponent angry. And they are both hurting someone they love the most..

Okay.. I should go study now. Geoggggggggg time! :D